he did such a good job w/ star trek though

thats why i said okay. i think…alright, lets see what you can do

what how do i talk to Iraqi cops

well omegle is one way

if i asked you to have sex with me would the answer to that question be the same as the answer to this question?

you’re good

nice profile picture u nerd!! (anonymous for obvious reasons)

i will not make any money, sadly, seeing as i make most of the shirts i own with a sharpie.

hey either way have a good time

im going to make a shirt that says "why have gender roles when you can have pizza roles" b/c ur post inspired me

hey. thats awesome. im glad. but if you make any money…kick a little my way

What is the title of your major?

"Politics" but its basically Polisci/International Relations

you're one of the cutest boys i've ever seen (pictures of on the internet)

Have you ever experimented with another guy before?

never. but if i ever felt like it i probably would just go for it and see what happens

luke may i know the name of your theme and who makes it? :3

it is insomnium at

But theyre still pretty good fights and they provide something to watch while they slowly trickle in new info and foreshadowing into the story. Its way better than watching lee eat cereal or something.


Its one of a string of fights with akutski. Youll get used to these kinds of fights. Theyre not really awesome cuz basically theyre B-list characters so if tgey were too good naruto would suck in comparison.

aight i just get a little frustrated when there are so many opportunities for moves to be made but instead they just stand there and growl

where do you get money?

gifts on holidays/part time work at home

i might look into my work study opportunities this semester for some extra scratch

i don’t spend a lot, either 

no yo on the real i would have sex with you

you’re getting scoped

I think that once I left a message in your ask saying I would fuck you but forgot to make it anonymous and it haunts me every day of my life and I am so sorry but I would definitely fuck you.

i actually forgot so you’re good the mystery is maintained